Thank you for visiting the Sky Shark Carbon Tubes. For over 20 years we have been manufacturing and selling wrapped carbon tubing in the U.S.A.


Sky Shark wrapped carbon tubes are renowned around the world for their use in building kites and hobby related products. Sky Shark produces both tapered and straight wrapped tubes. What is a wrapped carbon tube? The method for making a wrapped carbon tube involves the use of wrapping a resin pre-impregnated fiber cloth around a mandrel. The diameter and the length of the mandrel determines the inside diameter and how long you can make the final tube. You can then change the outside diameter and stiffness of the tube by the number of layers and direction you place the prepreg cloth. The mandrel and cloth are then put on to a taping machine and spiral wrapped with a cellophane tape and then cured in an oven. After being in the oven and curing, the tube is then pulled off the mandrel, the cellophane is then removed, and the tube is cut to length. It can then be finished by sanding or running it through a centerless grinder for a smooth finish and desired diameter.

Wrapped carbon tubes are used in various industries such as kite building, sailboat masts, RC, tents, backpacks and many others.
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Jon and Marieanne Trennepohl


About Us

We saw a need to develop and manufacture wrapped carbon multi-line sportkite frames.



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